What is Wrong with UGA kicker Blair Walsh? (Nothing)

Much is being made of Blair Walsh’s early season troubles.  In the 2011 Georgia-Ole Miss game Walsh missed three field goals (of which if he had made just a couple, colleague Scott Davis would have been almost money on his prediction of the final outcome of the 2011 Georgia-Ole Miss game).  Two of the field goals Blair Walsh missed were from 48 yards, and while it is true UGA’s Walsh is a tremendous kicker, we need to refrain from assuming 48 yard field goals are anywhere close to automatic (even for a kicker of Walsh’s stature).

The incomparable Larry Munson calls THE KICK in UGA history (100,000 miles).

It is true that considering Walsh’s track record, it is more than reasonable to expect better performance even from 50+ yards, but lever-actioned mechanical sports (such as golf and placekicking) require a relatively complex set of motions that must follow in the proper sequence.  If one of those sequences is out of whack, things can go south in a hurry.

The wonder for me is not that Blair Walsh misses a kick or two, but that any kicker can be as deadly accurate over time as Mr. Walsh has been.  I fully believe that Walsh will return to form in the coming weeks as the fundamentals of his craft are tweaked and reviewed.

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