UGA Football – Recalling an Encounter With A Fair Weather Fan

A few months ago, I posted an article detailing why fair weather fans are annoying. I would like to take this opportunity to recount a personal experience with a fair weather Dawg.

Georgia’s Homecoming From Hell: The Dawgs Get Caught By The Commodores
It was October of 2006 and I was less than a week removed from watching the Georgia Bulldogs suffer an agonizing 24-22 loss to the Vanderbilt Commodores on homecoming weekend. While minding my own business on the way back to my house after class, I passed by the practice field fence just in time to witness an obnoxious young man standing behind the fence shouting, “Vandy’s bitches!” repeatedly, as loud as he could.vanderbilt_beats_uga
I quickly left the area, but it is hard not to wonder how much longer the guy stood at the fence yelling such charming encouragement.

There is no Loyalty Among Fair Weather Fans
That incident makes me chuckle when I think about it now, but it is a prime example of how insufferable certain fans can be. With the increasing popularity of football, armchair quarterbacks have become an unfortunate fact of life for football programs everywhere. Even so, I cannot envision a scenario where I would boo a Georgia Bulldog football player.

One Year Later: The Bulldogs Stomp On The Vanderbilt “V”
When Georgia and Vanderbilt met again in 2007, Georgia celebrated on the Vanderbilt V in the middle of the field following the Dawgs’ 20-17 victory.  I wonder if the big mouth fan’s remarks had anything to do with the Bulldogs’ post-game antics?  Maybe the Bulldogs wanted to be sure that the Commodores knew they were not “Vandy’s bitches” after all.

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