The Dark Side of Fantasy Football

ashamed_fansFantasy Football Turns Athletes Into Playing Cards
According to The New York Times, Fantasy Football dehumanizes the athletes on the field to a certain degree.  Adrian Peterson is a prime example.  His son died in a horrific tragedy.  Yet, some “fantasy owners” were more concerned about whether they would be able to put the star running back in their lineup the following Sunday.

One Professional Athlete’s Perspective
Torrey Smith, a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, has been outspoken about how childish certain Fantasy Football players can be.  With the rise of social media, immature fantasy players can Tweet their players on Twitter.  Even so, those of us who possess a conscience and empathy for our fellow man should not be punished because certain fans are morons.  As noted in the first part of this discussion, the popularity of Fantasy Football continues to rise.

Fantasy Football: An Exercise in Letting Go
In a blog for The New York Times, C.D. Carter authored a fantastic perspective on how consuming Fantasy Football can be.  Carter quotes a licensed psychologist named Kimberly Young as saying “Fantasy Football is an illusion of control, but that’s the driving force”.

The founder of the Center for Internet Addiction, Young states that an addiction to Fantasy Football stems from a person’s need to feel in control.  As someone who has experienced growing pains lately, this really hit home for me.  Fantasy Football is a fantastic exercise in letting go, because it forces one to make decisions which are largely educated guesses.  In addition, participants can do nothing except sit back and watch as their choices play out.

Fantasy Football Makes Money
, ESPN, Fox Sports and Sports Line are some of the major beneficiaries of the Fantasy craze.  All of the aforementioned entities make millions of dollars during football season, notes Ask Men.  The popularity of Fantasy Football is such that ESPN has a Sunday morning television show devoted to it.  I much prefer playing with people I know in a private league simply for the fellowship.   Some degenerate fans take it way too seriously.

This post has made me realize there is truly a downside to my new favorite game.  That being said, I will continue to enjoy playing Fantasy Football.