Todd Grantham Holds Georgia’s Key to Success in 2013

Coach Grantham Dealing With High Expectations
When Todd Grantham was named associate head coach of Georgia last summer, Bulldog Nation rejoiced.  The new title meant that, at the very least, coach Grantham would be the defensive coordinator in Athens for another few years.  Now, the Dawgs find themselves rebuilding on defense during a time when expectations could not get any higher between the hedges.
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Upon his arrival in Athens to help put the bite back into the Bulldog’s defense in 2010, Todd Grantham  brought with him an impressive resume.  Fresh off an NFL stint, most UGA fans were eager to see how Grantham’s aggressive style would translate to the college game.  After three years in Athens, it is fair to say that Bulldog Nation is largely pleased with the result.

Is The Bloom Off Of The Grantham?
Following a banner year in 2011, the Georgia defense could not meet the lofty expectations that accompanied 2012.  According to Georgia Dogs, UGA’s 2012 defense had seven defensive starters that would eventually be drafted during the 2013 NFL Draft.  With all of that talent, the Georgia Bulldog defense was not good enough to hold an eleven point lead that would have allowed them to play for a national title at the end of last year.

In 2013, Defense Balance Wins Championships
To be blunt, the days of shut down defense are a thing of the past.  College football has become more about getting key stops as opposed to shutting down the opposition. This is a trait that Georgia had some trouble with last year. UGA gave up 24 points to a Kentucky Wildcat squad that only won two games all season.

Dawg Defense Neutered In Big Games
Georgia has lost a total of six games in the past two years (including bowl games). In those six loses, the opponent has put at least 30 points on the Bulldogs.  Three of Georgia’s first four games are against highly ranked opponents with experienced quarterbacks. If Georgia cannot find their defensive footing very quickly, the championship dreams of Dawg fans everywhere will be turned into a nightmare.

Todd Grantham – K.Y.P.
K.Y.P. is a popular term in the sports world, specifically on the gridiron.  K.Y.P. stands for know your personnel, and that is a must for Todd Grantham if Georgia is to contend for a national title during the upcoming season.  Junior linebacker Amarlo Herrera has shown flashes of brilliance in his Bulldog career, but coach Grantham needs to ensure that Herrera is positioned to succeed in a more prominent role this year.  The same can be said for defensive end Ray Drew.

A Few Drives Will Make The Difference
Bulldog Nation was so close to a championship last year that UGA fans were forced to watch as it was pried from our paws.  Georgia head coach Mark Richt’s mantra has always been to finish the drill.  If that philosophy is followed, it is hard not to think about Pasadena, and confetti falling from the sky.

Georgia Bulldogs Spring Football Thoughts


Defensive end Ray Drew will look to make an impact this fall.

The Young Georgia Defense Must Realize Their Potential
Spring is in the air in the form of football practice for the Georgia Bulldogs. Among the most intriguing developments between the hedges in the coming months will be whether or not defensive end Ray Drew,  from the draft class once dubbed the “Dream Team”, can maximize his potential on the field for the Dawgs.

Todd Grantham has Something to Prove
Todd Grantham’s offseason of discontent is over and he can now focus on his commitment to Georgia.  Grantham should be motivated by the fact that his defense never truly reached their potential last season. Coach Grantham will be dealing with a lot of new faces on defense in Athens this year. Here’s hoping the Georgia defensive coordinator is committed to making 2013 his best year between the hedges.  That being said, Todd Grantham likely has other job aspirations and will not be an assistant in Athens much longer.

Avoiding off of the Field Issues
As with every Georgia football offseason, it would be nice not to read about any Bulldogs in the police blotter. Unfortunately, Dawg alum Alec Ogletree was pulled over by police and charged with a DUI last month in Arizona. Ogletree was the first member of the 2012 Georgia Bulldog roster to declare for the 2013 NFL Draft. Alec Ogletree leaving early is just as well for Bulldog Nation because he would have missed at least the first half of this coming season according to Georgia’s own drug policy.

Georgia’s Quest for a National Championship Continues
The Georgia Bulldogs have signed Mark Richt to an extension, adding a year (and a $400,000 raise) on to his current deal which means that he will be the head Dawg until at least 2017. Coach Richt has brought the Georgia program to the heights many were hoping for when he was hired in 2001, but it remains to be seen whether Mark Richt can lead the Dawgs to a national title. The quest for a championship begins with preparation in the offseason by working hard when not as many people are watching.