The Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Uniforms

Ike Taylor appreciates his throwback uniform.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Are One of the Most Decorated Teams in the NFL
The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a cornerstone of pro football since 1933. With six Super Bowl titles as well as eight AFC championship victories, the Steelers are a marquee franchise for the National Football League. Given their rich tradition, it is natural that this organization has a desire to pay tribute to the Pittsburgh teams of yesteryear by wearing throwback uniforms. However, it would be difficult for even the most unique fan in Steeler Nation to imagine more hideous apparel to represent their football team.

The Bumblebee Jailhouse Look
The 1934 Pittsburgh Steeler Nike throwback jerseys are a black and yellow striped eyesore, but they have drawn a variety of reaction since being unveiled. According to, Pittsburgh defensive back Ike Taylor admits, “I like them. I like the throwback man. That bumblebee jailhouse look from back in the day.”

I find it hard to believe that a world renowned company like Nike would appreciate the word jail being used as an adjective to describe one of their products. For what it’s worth, the same article notes that only 14% of voters in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette online poll liked the throwback jerseys.

The jersey numbers seem more suited for a marathon runner.

Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Jersey Numbers Are Humongous
One of the most aesthetically unpleasant features of these uniforms is the jersey numbers. They are so big that if one did not know better it would be easy to mistake the jerseys as being for a track meet as opposed to a football game. The uniforms might be more tolerable if Nike had decided to go with black pants, or a more defined yellow color of leg wear. Instead, they went with a washed out yellow and khaki color that adds to this fashion faux pas.

Real old school football.

NFL Throwback Week
I would like to take this opportunity to make a suggestion to the National Football League. Instead of allowing certain teams to wear throwback uniforms during a given contest, schedule an entire throwback week during the regular season and go all the way with it. Mandate that all teams wear the leather helmets from back in the day. This would be a major deterrent for players who insist on leading with their helmet or facemask. Furthermore, think of the television ratings for this proposed week. People who are not avid NFL fans would likely watch out of curiosity.

Maddawg’s Sports Weekend Itinerary – Atlanta Falcons Football Thursday Night Edition


Here is one referee who really wants a playoff.

Bowl season officially begins for college football this weekend, with three games on Saturday. The afternoon starts with the Temple Owls taking on the Wyoming Cowboys in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. Afterward, the MAC runner up Ohio faces Utah State in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. (fantastic name) In the nightcap, San Diego State plays Louisiana Lafayette in the R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. For some college football fanatics, these match-ups will be an interesting part of the college football bowl season. However, they could still take place before or during a playoff if there ever is one. Even if there is never a playoff system in major college football, hope springs eternal.

A look at key NFL match-ups

The National Football League is beginning to heat up because the pro game does have playoffs to look forward to. The Atlanta Falcons host the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday Night Football tonight. The 8-5 Dirty Birds saved their season with a comeback victory over Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers four days ago. A quick turnaround is not ideal, but the Jags are just 1-5 away from Jacksonville, and 4-9 overall. Atlanta can not afford a letdown at home after erasing a 23-7 halftime deficit last week.

The Falcons need at least ten wins to have a shot at the postseason in the crowded NFC. The Dirty Birds may need to win out, because 10 wins is not a sure playoff birth this year.  After tonight’s game the Falcons travel to New Orleans, before they host Tampa at home in the regular season finale. It is critical that the Falcons rise up and win on Thursday Night Football.

Tim Tebow Flavored Kool-Aid


Tim Tebow kills his detractors with kindness.

If the Broncos win again this week then Kool-Aid needs to see if Tim Tebow wants his own flavor. Tebow mania has officially spread from college to the NFL.  Denver versus New England is being bet on five times more than a typical NFL regular season game. As a result the line for the Sunday afternoon game has moved up to 6.5, and then 7. Tim Tebow and the Broncos struck again last week, erasing a 10 point deficit late in the fourth quarter.  Bronco kicker Matt Prater deserves a ton of credit for his two long field goals, as does every Denver Bronco for believing in their unconventional offense. It will be interesting to see if Tebow and company can keep up if The Brady Bunch score early and often. The good news for the Broncos is that the Patriot defense comes into week 15 as the worst statistical defense in the NFL. Continue reading