Aaron Murray Fits in Kansas City

aaron_murrayAaron Murray’s NFL Career Begins
The Kansas City Chiefs selected former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.  Murray’s new football home will afford him the opportunity to work with an experienced head coach in Andy Reid, and learn from former #1 overall draft pick, Alex Smith.

The Pressure on Aaron Murray to Succeed Will be Minimal
The Chiefs won 11 games in 2013.  Kansas City features arguably the most explosive running game in the National Football League, led by Jamaal Charles, and the KC defense was dominant for much of last season.  Aaron Murray needs time to grow as a professional, which is why going to a storied NFL franchise is the best thing for the former Georgia quarterback.

As reported by ESPN, KC coach Andy Reid, and general manager John Dorsey have a successful history of drafting and developing quarterbacks at the professional level.  Both Reid and Dorsey are entering their second year as head Chiefs, and they helped the team improve its win total by nine games in their first season.

#11 Feels KC’s Selection is Mutually Beneficial
Assuming Kansas City continues to trend upward, there is hardly a better situation for Aaron Murray to properly cultivate his skill set.  According to the aforementioned ESPN article, Murray is excited about where he ended up following last weekend’s draft.  “It’s a great fit, I’m not complaining one bit…They do a heck of a job preparing quarterbacks”.

Important Information On Andy Reid and John Dorsey
Andy Reid is best known for his time as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  As the head coach in Philly from 1999-2012, Reid guided the Eagles to four NFC Championship appearances.  The Eagles only appeared in one Super Bowl though, losing to the Patriots 24-21 in the 2006 Super Bowl.

Donovan McNabb was the starting quarterback for the bulk of the time Andy Reid led the Eagles.  While Philadelphia never quite grabbed that elusive championship ring, Reid’s belief in McNabb as his QB propelled Donovan to heights that not many saw coming out of college.

John Dorsey was the director of college scouting for the Green Bay Packers when the team last won a world championship in 2011.  He is credited with drafting players such as Green Bay starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and standout linebacker Clay Matthews.  When asked what led the Chiefs to pick Aaron Murray, Dorsey said, ““He’s a winner. He’s been a winner at every stage that he’s played between high school and college”.

There is no doubt that the beloved Bulldog alum is facing an uphill battle, but he possesses all the tools necessary to get to the top of the NFL mountain.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Uniforms

Ike Taylor appreciates his throwback uniform.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Are One of the Most Decorated Teams in the NFL
The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a cornerstone of pro football since 1933. With six Super Bowl titles as well as eight AFC championship victories, the Steelers are a marquee franchise for the National Football League. Given their rich tradition, it is natural that this organization has a desire to pay tribute to the Pittsburgh teams of yesteryear by wearing throwback uniforms. However, it would be difficult for even the most unique fan in Steeler Nation to imagine more hideous apparel to represent their football team.

The Bumblebee Jailhouse Look
The 1934 Pittsburgh Steeler Nike throwback jerseys are a black and yellow striped eyesore, but they have drawn a variety of reaction since being unveiled. According to NFL.com, Pittsburgh defensive back Ike Taylor admits, “I like them. I like the throwback man. That bumblebee jailhouse look from back in the day.”

I find it hard to believe that a world renowned company like Nike would appreciate the word jail being used as an adjective to describe one of their products. For what it’s worth, the same NFL.com article notes that only 14% of voters in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette online poll liked the throwback jerseys.

The jersey numbers seem more suited for a marathon runner.

Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Jersey Numbers Are Humongous
One of the most aesthetically unpleasant features of these uniforms is the jersey numbers. They are so big that if one did not know better it would be easy to mistake the jerseys as being for a track meet as opposed to a football game. The uniforms might be more tolerable if Nike had decided to go with black pants, or a more defined yellow color of leg wear. Instead, they went with a washed out yellow and khaki color that adds to this fashion faux pas.

Real old school football.

NFL Throwback Week
I would like to take this opportunity to make a suggestion to the National Football League. Instead of allowing certain teams to wear throwback uniforms during a given contest, schedule an entire throwback week during the regular season and go all the way with it. Mandate that all teams wear the leather helmets from back in the day. This would be a major deterrent for players who insist on leading with their helmet or facemask. Furthermore, think of the television ratings for this proposed week. People who are not avid NFL fans would likely watch out of curiosity.