The Loss of Junior Seau Has Changed My Perception Of Football.

I used to think that the idea of eliminating the kick-off from professional football was blasphemy. Their was always something about strong athletes running full speed towards each other that captivated me as a football fan. That is, until the tragic death of Junior Seau.

Junior Seau’s death has been ruled a suicide, and we may never really know how much of a factor Seau’s hard-nosed 20 year career as a linebacker in the National Football League factored into his decision to take his own life. But there is no doubt that concussions and head injuries played a definite role in Seau’s suicide. That statement is not meant to demonize football. I love the game of football, it is a fast-paced, athletic spectacle that has never been more popular around the world.

Despite the popularity of the NFL, Junior Seau’s death has thrown gasoline on the growing fire that is player safety. Football is a violent sport, and the NFL is filled with phenomenal athletes, and physical specimens who are trained to launch themselves like missiles to make a play on every down. So the question remains, How does the game of football balance player safety on both sides of the ball without hurting the quality of the product on the field? Continue reading