Paying Tribute to Larry Munson – Part III

Larry Munson was a Damn Good Dawg
Whether he was pointing out Georgia’s silver britches, or asking UGA to hunker down, Larry Munson’s unique approach to play-by-play will always be directly linked to Georgia football.  Here are Munson’s two favorite calls of all-time according to his autobiography.  To reiterate, this information is also found in an ESPN Insider article written by David Ching on November 21, 2011.  Read part IIRead part I.

2. Lindsay Scott, Lindsay Scott, Lindsay Scott!
The verbiage Munson used on November 8, 1980, is part of a defining moment in Georgia football history. The Bulldogs and the Florida Gators were together again to renew their storied rivalry.  I remember hearing one Florida Gator recall UF was in cover three trying to keep their lead intact during the final moments of the game while the Dawgs hunted a miracle.

Fortunately for Georgia fans, miracles do happen. UGA QB Buck Belue hit Lindsay Scott with a pass, which caused Larry Munson to plead with the wide receiver not to stop running until he got in the end zone.

“Run, Lindsay!” Munson says, later adding, “Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott, Lindsay Scott!” as he crosses the goal line. As he reflects on the touchdown, Munson tells listeners, “I broke my chair. I came right through a chair. A metal steel chair with about a 5-inch cushion. I broke it. The booth came apart. The stadium, well, the stadium fell down. Now they do have to renovate this thing. They’ll have to rebuild it now.”

1. The Hobnail Boot
I like to refer to this as the moment I realized how deeply my passion for Georgia football runs. Until “The Hobnail Boot,” I always cheered on the Dawgs, but I was not yet emotionally invested. The credit goes to Larry Munson for changing my outlook forever.

It was October 6, 2001, and UGA was still warming up to the Mark Richt era.  The Tennessee Volunteers went back and forth all day long with the visiting Bulldogs, in Neyland Stadium and the game looked to be all over but the whining after Tennessee took the lead on a 62 yard screen pass from Casey Clausen to Travis Stepehens with less than a minute to go in the contest.

However, Georgia would get good field position with 38 seconds left in the game as they started from their own 41. A few wonderfully executed plays later, and Georgia was all the way down to the Tennessee six yard-line with about ten seconds remaining.  Bulldog quarterback David Green found Verron Haynes for the game-winning score.

What followed was a moment that only Larry Munson could wordsmith.

“My God a touchdown! We threw it to Haynes! My God almighty we dumped it over. It is 26 to 24. David Greene just straightened up and found Haynes. Haynes is keeping the ball. We just crushed their face! We stepped on their face with a Hobnail boot and broke their nose!

Turn the Television Down and the Radio Up
Many Georgia fans watched UGA play with the television on mute with the radio blaring because they wanted to be able to hear Larry Munson. Munson brought a certain atmosphere to Georgia games, and he had a bond with Bulldog Nation that could never be duplicated, especially in the days of neutral television commentary.

Larry Munson did not Call the Game. He Told the Audience a Story
Referring to Larry Munson as a play-by-play man does not do his legacy justice.  Munson is considered the voice of the Bulldogs because he went out of his way to describe every crucial moment, encourage Georgia to always play their best, and to make every UGA gridiron triumph seem much more important than just winning a football game.

Randy Smith, a writer for The Chattanoogan said it best, “With apologies to the college sportscasters of today, there will never be another Larry Munson.  Love him or hate him, he made a lasting mark on his profession.”

Glory Glory to Ole Georgia/Larry Munson’s Legacy Lives Forever
With every fall Saturday in Athens, Larry Munson’s voice can be heard throughout Sanford Stadium. Before the Georgoa Bulldogs take the field,  Munson’s unmistakable tone leads the crowd in the Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation. Though a new breed of Bulldog does indeed lead the charge, the indelible paw print Munson left on Georgia Football will last forever.  As illustrated below, the hymn always ends the same way any good Bulldog presentation should, with Larry Munson’s voice saying, GO DAWGS!

Aaron Murray Should Stay at UGA for his Senior Season

Aaron Murray Played One Hell of a Capital One Bowl
Following a record-setting five touchdown passes and 427 passing yards in the 2013 Capital One Bowl during Georgia’s 41-28 victory over Nebraska, only one question remains on the mind of Bulldog Nation. Should Aaron Murray stay in Athens for his senior season, or should he leave UGA for the National Football League in the wake of his suddenly rising draft stock?

Aaron Murray Has Unfinished Business at the University of Georgia
There is no doubt that Aaron Murray possesses all the tools necessary to be a star in the NFL. Regardless of where and when Aaron Murray decides to play professional football he will have every opportunity to succeed. With that said, Aaron Murray should return to the University of Georgia for his senior season to try to lead the Bulldogs to a championship.


Aaron Murray has more barking to do in Athens.

ESPN NFL Draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. feels that Aaron Murray should come back to Georgia for his final season because he is not assured of being a first round pick. SB Nation Atlanta reported that Kiper observed, “I think unless you’re a guaranteed first round pick it’s wise to go back. Especially when you play at Georgia with all the talent around the quarterback there.” Kiper went on to compliment the receivers and running backs that Murray has at his disposal in Athens.

Aaron Murray Can Set the Georgia Record for Passing Yards Next Year
Aaron Murray currently has 10,091 yards passing in his career at UGA. If he never throws another pass in Athens, that number leaves him at third all-time behind Eric Zeier (11,153) and David Greene. (11,528) If  Murray plays for the entirety of his senior season, he will certainly leave Georgia as the all-time leader in passing yards. Nobody remembers third place. Aaron Murray already owns the all-time record of touchdown passes in his career at Georgia with 95. If Aaron Murray comes back to Georgia and caps off his career with a championship, he will have his own wing in the Georgia football hall of fame. Along with Herschel, of course.

Aaron Murray: Leaving the Legacy of an Undisputed Champion
It is Aaron Murray himself that provided the most important reason the quarterback should wait for the NFL when he admitted that he had been unable to sleep following the Alabama game. Aaron Murray must come back to Georgia for a shot at redemption. Winning the national championship in his senior season would be a storybook ending to a fantastic career.

Aaron Murray majored in psychology at the University of Georgia, so it is safe to assume that he knows how valuable his presence is as the quarterback at UGA. Regardless of who declares for the 2013 NFL Draft, Aaron Murray is the most valuable piece of Georgia’s championship puzzle. Losing his experience and leadership would make the puzzle very difficult to compete in 2013.

The National Football League Can Wait for Aaron Murray
The NFL Draft happens every year. Aaron Murray should not be too hasty to jump on the National Football League train this year because he will have the opportunity to turn pro for the rest of his adult life. If he should choose to forgo his senior season at Georgia, he will never have another chance to put on the silver britches as a player.

With all of the accolades Murray has earned in his three years at Georgia, he has the opportunity to return to the hedges as a Heisman Trophy front runner fully capable of leading his Dawgs to glory. On the other hand, if he goes to the NFL he will simply be one teams’ answer among a questionable crop of quarterbacks.


Coach Richt knows Aaron Murray’s best is yet to come.