SEC Drug Policies (Steve Spurrier is a Hypocrite and a Whiner)

steve spurrier drug policies at south carolina

Rodney Dangerfield Spurrier: I get no respect I tell ya.

Tomorrow night, Georgia and South Carolina meet in a gridiron battle that will go a long way in determining SEC East supremacy. However, before the Bulldogs and Gamecocks ever step on the field, the Ole’ Ball Coach must be addressed.

In light of our recent   Completely Unofficial (but Accurate) SEC Drug Testing Rankingswe could not help but remember a joke that Steve Spurrier made during an interview with ESPN:  South Carolina Head Grouch Spurrier joked that, “I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them (UGA) that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”

That is an easy shot to take when your school, the University of South Carolina, does not suspend players for violating drug policies on the first (and barely on the second) violation of said “drug policy”…if one can call it that.

First drug test failure by a University of South Carolina football player:
A warning. (how many warnings did Stephen Garcia – more on this in a bit – get before one of his five suspensions?)

What kind of douche makes wisecracks about Georgia having a few players suspended when afore-mentioned douche heads a program with a joke of a rulebook when it comes to drug abuse on the football team? Meet Coach Steve Spurrier.

More…If a South Carolina player were facing discipline for a second violation of the Gamecock drug policy, said player would still only miss three games. By comparison, any player on the Georgia Bulldog roster who violates the University of Georgia football team’s drug policy a second time faces a half-season suspension.

Mr. Credibility, ie Coach Spurrier, would probably still have quarterback Stephen Garcia around if Conner Shaw had not risen to take the lead at QB.  Yes, I realize that Garcia was a senior in 2011, but if Spurrier could play him in 2012 and win…Spurrier would find a way (alcoholic-based redshirt for 2011 anyone?). This coach, Steve Spurrier, “suspended” Garcia five times and yet did Garcia (I’m not even gonna look it up) ever even miss a game?  On and on it goes.

Next Week:  The Worse of the Worst: The University of Florida is even more lenient toward drug use on their football team. We will examine the tawdry goings-ons in Gainesville and a most lenient (so understanding and forgiving) drug policy for University of Florida football players.

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