Ranking SEC Football Drug Testing Policies: Hyprocrisy & Inconsistency Abounds

In light of the news that the University of Missouri suspended players for Saturday’s tilt with Vanderbilt, I was curious to find out about the SEC drug testing standards for the newest members of the Southeastern Conference. This provided for an opportunity to review the drug testing policies throughout the SEC.

In honor of the Atlanta Braves wild card playoff game today at the inconvenient time of 5:07, here is a strike-by-strike breakdown of how each school in the SEC disciplines a player for getting caught breaking their team drug policies. A warning to baseball purists: Some teams add a blasphemous fourth strike before they will rule a player out.

The Completely (But Accurate) Unofficial SEC Drug Testing RankingsTM
(note:  Since there is often differences in first offense and subsequent policies, we have ordered the SEC Drug Testing Rankings by an evaluation of first, second, third offenses comprehensively).  If you disagree, comments below!

School Strike One Strike Two Strike Three Strike Four (if applicable)
Georgia 10 % of season 50 % of season Dismissal N/A (not applicable)
Kentucky 10% of season 50 % of season Dismissal N/A
Tennessee Warning 10% of season Dismissal N/A
Arkansas Warning 10% of season 50% of season Dismissal
Alabama Warning 15% of season One Year Dismissal Dismissal
LSU Warning Up to 15% of season One Year Dismissal N/A
Ole Miss Warning 25% of season Dismissal Dismissal
South Carolina Warning 25% of season Dismissal
Auburn Warning 50% of season Dismissal N/A
Mississippi State Warning 50% of season One Year Dismissal
Florida Warning 10% of season 20% of season Dismissal
Missouri No Suspension One Week Suspension Dismissal N/A
Texas A&M Warning Possible Suspension Possible Dismissal N/A

*Vanderbilt does not release drug suspension policy.

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