Ranking the Best SEC Teams of 2012

Some of these guys have departed for less greener pastures.

A season is almost complete, and there are some surprises as we offer our opinion of the comparative strength of football teams within the SEC.  Without further ado…

Typical Alabama Fan – All hat and no…(nevermind).

1.  Alabama – Still the King
It may sting, but Alabama is reigning national champion, and licking its chops for the upcoming tilt with Notre Dame.  It is simply impossible NOT to rank Alabama as supreme in the SEC until someone dethrones them.

Nothing can convince me about Alabama’s fans however.  If there was ever a more arrogant backwards bunch of yokels, I would like to meet them (or not).

I believe it is due to a huge inferiority complex emanating from the entire state of Alabama.  They do have nice golf courses over there though.

2.  Georgia – Knocking on Heaven’s Door
This was a tough call, and not because I pondered placing Georgia at Number Uno.  There are a couple of worthy teams that could make a case as best or second-best in the SEC. Yes, UGA had a fairly soft schedule, but so did Alabama, and frankly, last we heard, teams do not set their SEC schedule.  Georgia was embarrassed by South Carolina, but it’s not how you start…it’s how you finish, and Georgia finished with courage and heart.

3.  Texas A&M – The Team Nobody Wants to Play
The juggernaut that is Texas A&M is driven through the arms and legs of Johnny Football.  Arguably the scariest football team in America, Texas A&M (home of the 12th man) reminds me of the 2007 Georgia Bulldogs…that just got stronger and stronger as the year wore on.  Texas A&M is a legitimate contender for not only the best team in the SEC, but in the nation.  Accolades aside however, Texas A&M is not as deep across the board as its SEC brethren.  It will be interesting to see if SEC opponents next year seek to mitigate Johnny Manziel, and thereby render Texas A&M an emperor with no clothes.

Now a Jet, but I never get tired of this.

4.  Florida – Great Team, Suspect Offense
They are not as good as many think.  Love the team spirit. Love the defense. But, alas, the Gators are a team with gaping holes, most notably on the offense.

Expect them to get better with time, and if their rapid seemingly exponential rise continues next year, then watch out.

5.  LSU Tigers – Coulda Been a Contender
This year LSU seemed to be the Georgia of the recent past.  Hard-fought games ending in losses.  Good team with loads of respect, but how much could have been different with the Honey Badger in play?  Their quarterback is young, and played like it (with the stunning exception of the Alabama game).  Speaking of the Alabama game, I believe LSU clearly outplayed Bama in that one.  Right now (and it will change) we must realize that while Alabama is talented and well-coached…they are also very very lucky (two years running).  Watch out for LSU moving forward.

6.  South Carolina Gamecocks – Paradise Lost (Year after Year)
Man, I am starting to hate these guys.  Their coach (who I try to like for his curmudgeonly ways) gets whinier and more petty each year.  Their fans are a bunch of unrealistic hillbillies.  It doesn’t help that UGA has recently found new and interesting ways to lose to this bunch.  But that team…injuries hurt them, and Marcus Lattimore is a badass.  Further, I think Spurrier is making a huge mistake by not appointing Conner Shaw permanent starting quarterback until he graduates…great player undermined by his coach.

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