UGA-USC 2012 Quick Hits…End of 1st Quarter: Five Keys Redux

Better start tackling this guy.

21-0 Gamecocks up.  Let’s review progress from our Five Keys for the 2012 Georgia-South Carolina Football Game article.  Bottom-line: I agree with Kirk H.: Our defense looks completely lost.

1.  Georgia’s ability to protect Aaron Murray and open holes for the tailbacks.
The South Carolina defensive line is living in the Georgia backfield so far.  Games are won on the line and the Gamecocks’ defensive and offensive lines have so far way out-played UGA.  Bulldog Line Play Grade:  F.

2.  Aaron Murray’s ability to make sound decisions.
Who knows thus far?  The Bulldogs ran, what, 9 plays in the entire first quarter?  The interception was bad luck. Grading Aaron Murray:  Incomplete.

3.  Force Conner Shaw to beat us with his arm.
Conner Shaw is running wild (and beating us with his arm…although I think this is a product of play action bamboozling our defense). Grade:  A+ (for Conner Shaw).

4.  UGA’s defensive backs must play an inspired game.
Botched interception attempt by Rambo led to a 42 yard Gamecock gain.  Badly beaten on two play action passes.  Grade for defensive backs:  F.

5.  Special Teams Play/Turn-overs.
Another year. Another punt returned for a touchdown.  Resounding F.

Bottom-line:  The first quarter of this game supports critics who say we haven’t really been relevant since 2005.

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