Maddawg’s Play of The Day – College Football Week 7 (October 15, 2011)

Week seven of the college football season is in the books. A quick summary–two ranked teams were definitively exposed as overrated, (Michigan and Georgia Tech) while Clemson continues to play to the level of their competition. Giving up 45 points to Maryland should alarm Clemson Tiger fans but, they continue to pile up victories. Clemson has a legitimate shot to finish the regular season unbeaten.

The top eight teams in the country remain undefeated and there seems to be a real gap between those teams and everyone else. The Bowl Championship Series standings come out tonight, as LSU and Alabama both have a strong case for #1. Luckily for college football fans, the debate between the two teams will be settled on the field November 5th. Let’s face it, not even Watson is a smart enough computer to predict this collision course. (more on this later)

As for the Georgia Bulldogs, they narrowly avoided a trip to the dog pound.  I am going to have nightmares about that blocked punt with 15 seconds to go. That was the single scariest moment I have ever experienced as a fan. One has to  wonder if Mark Richt’s Georgia tenure flashed before his eyes as the play unfolded. (Mark Richt is a great coach but a loss in that manner would have been earth shattering.)

Kudos to Jordan Rodgers, younger brother of reigning Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers, for one of the gutsiest efforts in Vanderbilt football history. While he only completed four passes out of 19, he carried the ball 11 times for 80 yards. The Commodores scored 21 second half points, and every time they needed a third down conversion he made a play  to get it. Vanderbilt has found their quarterback for the future and, while it was scary to watch Georgia struggle, it was fun to watch Jordan Rodgers play well.

Alabama and LSU meet in 20 days. Barring an unforeseen circumstance, both will be undefeated and a trip to the SEC championship game will be on the line. Each team has made highlight reel statements over the last few weeks as if they are sending a message to each other. Trent Richardson’s 76 yard touchdown run rang loud and clear. He has proven why Tide fans did not expect a drop off at the tailback position when Mark Ingram went to the NFL. SEC commissioner Mike Slive needs to see if Michael Buffer is available on the first weekend of November because LSU and Alabama will be ready to rumble.

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