Maddawg’s First Variety Post (April 9, 2012)

Informative and well researched articles are satisfying to look back on once they are completed. I take pride in writing an objective blog with an emphasis on my love and appreciation for Bulldog Nation. However, all work and no play makes UGAmaddawg a dull blog. With that in mind, I would like to introduce our newest feature. The Maddawg Variety Post.


Bobby Petrino– Let me begin by observing that I am truly glad no one involved in Bobby Petrino’s moto mishap was seriously injured. With that said, the Arkansas head football coach is one of those rare people that does not seem to have any redeeming qualities. His latest gaffe involved losing control of his motorcycle without a helmet on his head, and a 25 year old female companion (that just happens to work for the football program) along for the ill-conceived joy ride. She has since gone into seclusion. One unfortunate crash later, and a hilariously puffed up and bruised Bob-O is facing a lot of questions from the Arkansas Razorback brass. His wife probably has a few inquiries of her own as well. Get well soon, Mr. Petrino. You truly are a Pig.

The Atlanta Braves- The Major League Baseball regular season is 162 games long. That is the equivalent of 10 NFL seasons. Even though the fun has only just begun, the Atlanta Braves are 0-3, and they have scored a total of seven runs. Given the colossal collapse that ruined last September, one would be hard pressed to script a more underwhelming beginning to the 2012 season. However, Fredi Gonzalez is not to blame. Rather, the Braves are in need of ownership that is willing to spend money. I would like to take this opportunity to beg Mr. Arthur Blank to buy the Atlanta Braves. Please sir, you do not have to do it Dodger style and pay 2 billion dollars, but Atlanta sports fans need you to save Braves baseball the same way you did Falcons football.

Tiger Woods- When Tiger Woods was dominating the PGA Tour a few years ago it was hard not to admire his success. Despite his seemingly robotic personality, Tiger Woods has the ability to captivate people who would not normally spend their Sunday afternoon watching golf. When Tiger was fist pumping his way to 14 major championships it seemed to be a foregone conclusion that he would one day pass Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors. However, at present Tiger is becoming just as well known for his temper tantrums as he is for his golf swing. It is sad to think that Tiger Woods may be remembered just as much for acting like an entitled brat as he is for indelible images such as winning the 2008 U.S.Open on one leg, and lapping the field as a 21 year old at the 1997 Masters. Clean up your act while you still can Mr. Woods. Much of your legacy may depend on it.

The 2012 Masters Tournament- For Georgia fans, the 2012 Masters can be summed up in two words: GO DAWGS! University of Georgia alum Bubba Watson captured his first green jacket during a five hour and fourty plus minute televised drama that only a Sunday at Augusta National could produce.  As Bubba Watson tapped in for par to win on the second playoff hole, I felt a lump in my throat as I watched him tearfully embrace his friends and family. In his post-Masters interview, the 33 year old Watson said that three years ago he had not won anything, and his dream had always been to win ten tournaments. Now Bubba has won a total of four tournaments and his first major. Congratulations Bubba, it is always refreshing to see a nice guy finish first.

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