Just (Don’t) Do It

Nike is known the world over for their “JUST DO IT” slogan, as well as their famous Nike Swoosh logo and  their thought provoking commercials. (See the Tiger and Earl Woods commercial here and the Lebron James commercial here) However, over the past few years Nike has also  entered the world of fashion design during college football games. The results, in my opinion, have been much less successful.

I had always been able to sit back and chuckle at the “Nike Pro Combat” design that other teams displayed so proudly on prime time television. I can not think of a single uniform that did not look ridiculous. For example, take a look at the uniforms that Virginia Tech wore against Boise State in the season opener for each team last year.

I think my eyes cross when I try to read the jersey number. Until now, I had always been relieved that Nike hadn’t designed a pro combat style uniform for my Dawgs. Fast forward to 2011, and Nike has designed the uniforms that my beloved Georgia Bulldogs will wear in the kickoff to their 2011 football season, against the aforementioned Boise State.

Georgia Bulldogs Football

Did I miss something? Was the game moved from the Georgia Dome to Mars and nobody told me? The designer of these uniforms must be a really big fan of Spider Man. (Hey, maybe Georgia will be able to shoot spider webs at the Boise State players?)

Where the hell are my silver britches? The only silver I see is on the back of the space age helmets. Larry Munson needs to be on radio for one more Georgia game just so the Georgia Bulldog faithful can hear his take on the uniforms in between plays. Furthermore, is Nike using college athletes as guinea pigs in their own version of “Project Runway: College Football Edition?”

My opinion aside, I am all for anything that will give Georgia Bulldog football an edge going into the most important season opener in Mark Richt’s tenure. Georgia players seem to be excited about debuting the new uniforms and that is all that matters. At Georgia Football’s SEC Media Day, (view his comments here)  Brandon Boykin said they were “nice,” and seemed to like that they were different from the traditional Georgia uniform as he remarked “I’ve never seen anything like it.”   A win against Boise State would finally get the bad taste from last season out of everyone’s mouth, and it would rejuvenate a fan base that is desperate for something to cheer about. I hope the Nike Uniforms can help the Dawgs combat the Broncos in the Georgia Dome in just eight days.

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