Georgia-Ole Miss 2011 – A Tale of Two Fourth and One Calls By Mark Richt


Where offensive lines prove there mettle.

Jeff Schultz of the AJC observed the disconnect between Mark Richt’s decisions on two second half fourth down and one calls in the Georgia-Ole Miss game.  As Schultz wrote, “On fourth-and-1 from the Rebels’ 30, he sent in the field goal team. The Dogs led 24-13. It seemed like the perfect time to try to pound the opponent for a yard and pass up a 48-yard attempt (hardly a sure thing). Richt played it conservative. Walsh missed.”

Schultz continues, “Oddly, on the Dogs’ next possession, Richt took a huge gamble when he decided to go for it on fourth-and-one from the Dogs’ 44. Richard Samuel “made it by a thumbnail,” Richt said. (He later second-guessed himself, saying he should’ve punted.).”

It is clear that the field position in each situation dictated a decision as to whether Georgie’s Blair Walsh could successfully navigate a field goal.  However, especially given my approval of Richt’s handling of the end of the first half, I agree with Schultz observations that Richt made some questionable coaching decisions.  As Schultz wrote, “Question: When a team starts the season 0-2 and the only win thus far has come over Coastal Carolina, shouldn’t there be a more aggressive approach?”

With a worn-down Ole Miss defense there was an excellent opportunity to show some balls and for all practical purposes end the game.  I do understand playing conservatively and figuring the percentages, but sometimes you just have to go.  Steve Spurrier certainly understands this, and for the ultimate in gumption and courage, I give you Mr. Tom Osbourne of Nebraska.  Didn’t work out in the short term but I wager a life lived this way has got to have considerable upside.

Most depressing quote from Mark Richt was his observation that on the fourth and one the Bulldogs made that he should have punted.  Sigh.

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