Georgia names Todd Grantham ‘Associate Head Coach’- Bulldog Nation Must Stick Together

Coaching will be the key to Georgia getting off to a fast start.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that the Georgia Bulldogs officially announced defensive coordinator Todd Grantham as the ‘associate head coach’ over the weekend. While some conspiracy theorists may think this is the first step in Grantham’s mission to become head coach, it is the perfect solution to ensure that Mark Richt and Todd Grantham lead this litter of Georgia Bulldogs together for the foreseeable future. The head man got his new deal months ago, and his defensive coordinator colleague has earned this new job title since coming to Athens. Most importantly, Todd Grantham’s latest job description gives him extra incentive not to pick up the phone if other teams come calling.

As for coach Richt, it is unfortunate that some of the blame for another tumultuous off-season has landed at his feet. Georgia has the strictest drug policy of any team in the Southeastern Conference, and there is only so much that the Bulldog head football coach can do short of micro-managing a team of 18-22 year old kids. On the other hand, the head coach of any football program must handle the criticism when problems arise. Winning cures all.

Isaiah Crowell’s Georgia career ended with a thud a few weeks ago. It is always disappointing to watch a promising young talent lose his way. However, it would be wrong of anyone in Bulldog Nation to harbor any ill-will towards Mr. Crowell. The young man made a mistake, and he is paying a heavy price. He is (and should be) getting a chance to play his sophomore season on a much smaller college football stage. Good luck to Isaiah Crowell, he has the ability to make a living playing football if he starts making better decisions off the field.

Errors in judgment away from the gridiron have become one of the unwanted themes for some members of the Georgia football team this off-season. Cornelius Washington’s recent Facebook rant did not do him any favors, but Georgia fans should forgive and forget. In all likelihood Georgia will head into the 2012 season ranked in the top ten with a soft schedule, and everyone involved with Bulldog Nation needs to take this tremendous opportunity to become one of the elite teams in the best conference in college football.

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