UGA 41 South Carolina 30 – Redemption for the Bulldogs

todd_gurleyThe Bulldogs Beat the Gamecocks Into Submission
Down two possessions with about a minute left to go in the game, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier did not even bother to call a timeout to stop the clock. Maybe it was because Georgia carried the ball an astonishing 50 plus times for over 220 yards. Or maybe it was because UGA senior QB Aaron Murray had an answer for everything South Carolina threw at him.

One thing for sure is the better team won the battle on Sunday, regardless of who wins the war to go to Atlanta at the end of the regular season.  As expected, the win did not come without adversity.  The Dawgs gave up some big plays on defense and Keith Marshall left the game with a minor injury.

Aaron Murray the Leader, Todd Gurley a Difference Maker
Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray had a potential legacy altering (until the next big game) outing against South Carolina. Murray avoided pressure and extended plays which yielded the biggest results of the game for Georgia’s offense.  The Bulldogs’ rushing attack was nothing short of devastating, with four players making meaningful plays at the tailback position and Quavyon Hicks making an impact at fullback for the second week in a row.

Ultimately, Todd Gurley was the MVP for the Dawgs again. TGII led the UGA rushing attack with 30 carries for 134 yards and a touchdown.  If Gurley goes over the century mark against LSU in just under three weeks, the Heisman noise around him will get a little louder.  The Bulldogs balance on offense was the key to their success.  This game should be the offensive blueprint throughout 2013.

Welcome to Atlanta?
Not yet. The Bulldogs have a lot of work to do in order to secure a third straight SEC East title.  Bulldog Nation should savor this victory because UGA is right back on track.

A Final Word From Steve Spurrier
According to USA Today, the ole’ ball coach had the following to say about his defensive coaches arguing on the sideline, “Well at least they care.” Spurrier went on to say that the coaches would settle the issue.  Hopefully they solved their problems during the long ride home.

Georgia SEC Opener – UGA Versus South Carolina September 7, 2013

Steve Spurrier: “Just an old Sweet Song…”

According to Sports Talk SC, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier played Willie Nelson’s Georgia on my mind at football practice on Monday. The South Carolina Gamecocks are looking for a fourth-straight win over Georgia, which would mean an entire UGA draft class (sans redshirts) would leave Athens without experiencing the joy of beating South Carolina. If the unthinkable occurs, the Bulldogs will only have themselves to blame.

Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers
The last three times that UGA has played the Gamecocks, Georgia has committed a total of five turnovers.  As a result, South Carolina has consistently been in position to make Georgia pay for careless errors. The Dawgs’ high turnover rate is magnified when they make mistakes and allow big plays like the ones shown in the videos below.


The Offensive Line Must Protect Aaron Murray
Jadeveon Clowney did not have a memorable opening to the 2013 season.  Instead of frequently sacking the North Carolina quarterback, he spent most of the game huffing and puffing.  Even so, Bulldog Nation better beware of the big bad wolf.  For the past two years Jadeveon Clowney and the rest of the Gamecock front seven have had success disrupting Georgia’s timing on offense and causing mistakes.

During the broadcast of the Clemson game last weekend, ABC/ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit brought up the fact that Aaron Murray is a rhythm passer.  This is the reason that Georgia only scored one touchdown against the chickens last season.  The offensive line must make protecting the quarterback their number one priority Saturday afternoon.  If they cannot, UGAs’ goose egg in the win column will remain.

Aaron Murray: Just Win, Baby
Aaron Murray could break every Georgia passing mark in the record books.  If he continues to fall short in big games, his legacy in Athens will ultimately be that he never won the big game.  If the offensive line has protection issues, and history indicates that it will, Aaron Murray must step up and take the game out of the Gamecocks.  2013 is Aaron Murray’s last stand between the hedges, he must play football accordingly.

Special Teams Must Execute
Steve Spurrier may very well watch film of the fake punt that he pulled on UGA in 2011 whenever he needs a laugh. Special teams execution does not refer to making 50 yard field goals. Rather, it means that the Bulldogs need to keep their head on a swivel playing against the old ball coach, because a special teams fake could come at any time.

Regardless of preparation, challenges and mistakes are going to surface on the football field for Georgia on Saturday afternoon.  As long as the Georgia Bulldogs give South Carolina their best shot, Bulldog Nation will have nothing to be ashamed of.

Steve Spurrier’s Career Versus UGA – Looking Back and Ahead

steve_spurrier_mark_richtSteve Spurrier: Head Dawg Catcher Since 1963
Stephen Orr Spurrier began his collegiate football career at Florida in 1963.  He was the starting quarterback for the Gators from 1964-1966, and won the ’66 Heisman Trophy.  During his four years as a player in Gainesville, Florida had two wins and two losses against the Georgia Bulldogs.


Vintage Spurrier.

1979: The Ole’ Ball Coach Could Not Sting the Dawgs as a Yellow Jacket
Steve Spurrier was the quarterback coach at Georgia Tech in 1979. During his lone season coaching the Tech quarterbacks in Atlanta, the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Jackets 16-3.  Bulldog Nation’s rivalry with coach Spurrier went on a ten-year hiatus after that, as the ole’ ball coach spent the next ten college football seasons at Duke.  He began his time with the Blue Devils as an offensive coordinator in 1980 and ’81, until he was named head coach in 1982.

1990: The Gator Went Home to His Swamp
December 31, 1989 would turn out to be an ominous day to be a Georgia fan because it was the date that Steve Spurrier was hired as the new head coach of the Florida Gators. Coach Spurrier was hot off of leading Duke to an Atlantic Coast Conference title in 1989, and he brought his healthy disdain for Georgia with him back to Gainesville.

Steve Spurrier spent 12 seasons at the helm in Gainesville making life miserable for Georgia fans everywhere.  He compiled an 11-1 record against the Bulldogs while on the sidelines at Florida.  During one particularly horrible encounter in 1995, Spurrier and his Gators ate the Bulldogs alive by a final count of 52-17.  When asked his reason for hanging “half a hundred” on UGA, Spurrier crowed,  “We heard no one had ever done that before.”

1997: The Bulldogs Finally Beat Steve Spurrier
Entering the 1997 season, The University of Georgia faithful had endured seven straight years of losing to Steve Spurrier and Florida.  As we summarized in an article on the history of the Georgia-Florida Classic, the Bulldogs got the better of Steve Spurrier as a coach at long last on November 1, 1997, when Georgia defeated Florida 37-17.  The win was undoubtedly Mike Bobo’s biggest victory as a player at UGA.

Coach Spurrier would go on to build a new four-game winning streak against Georgia before he departed for the Washington Redskins and the National Football League. After two seasons as a head coach in the pros, Spurrier would quickly opt to return to the college game.  Spurrier’s rough NFL stint is quickly summed up by the video below.

2005-2012: Spurrier Takes South Carolina To New Heights
Steve Spurrier was announced as the head coach of the South Carolina Gamecoks on November 23, 2004. Since his arrival in Columbia, Spurrier has led the Gamecocks to an SEC East title, beaten a number one ranked Alabama squad, and garnered multiple top ten rankings for the previously mediocre South Carolina football team.

2013: The Latest Chapter Unfolds
The ole’ ball coach has  continued to be the bane of Bulldog Nation’s existence.  South Carolina has  beaten Georgia four times in the eight years that Spurrier has been the head coach at USC.  If the Gamecocks can fight off the Bulldogs for a fourth straight season, they will be the early front-runner to win the SEC East this year.

The Georgia Bulldogs Cannot Afford to Start 0-2
When Georgia began the season with two straight loses a couple of years ago, the Bulldogs began the campaign ranked number 19 in the 2011 preseason polls after a 6-7 season in 2010.  At present, the Bulldogs’ goal is to win a championship.  For UGA to have a chance to earn a championship of any kind in on the gridiron in 2013, the Dawgs must defeat Steve Spurrier this weekend.

The task is easier said than done.  Steve Spurrier has a record of 15-5 against the Georgia Bulldogs since he put on his head coaching visor.  It may be too early to pronounce the Bulldogs’ season on the line in week two, but this game could not be more important to the immediate future of Georgia football.

University of Georgia vs. South Carolina: What is a Gamecock?

Steve Spurrier as Foghorn Leghorn…I say, I say, keep fanning me walk-ons.

A gamecock is a scrappy rooster whose temperament lends it to cock fighting.  Cock fighting is illegal.  Still, South Carolina seems inordinately proud that their mascot is a chicken. Foghorn Leghorn is not a gamecock.

Wikipedia:  A gamecock may undergo physical conditioning in preparation for a fight. The conditioning process is sometimes referred to as a “keep” and is designed to, among other things, tame the cock so that he can be handled during a fight.

The most famous gamecock in contemporary times is Little Jerry Seinfeld, the gamecock featured on a notable (and hysterical) episode of Seinfeld.

Kramer: “Just because big Jerry is a has been doesn’t make little Jerry a never was.”

Ultimately, what else is there to say about gamecocks? They seem to be angry birds who run around trying to fight and f**k everything they see.  I leave you with this:


SEC Drug Policies (Steve Spurrier is a Hypocrite and a Whiner)

steve spurrier drug policies at south carolina

Rodney Dangerfield Spurrier: I get no respect I tell ya.

Tomorrow night, Georgia and South Carolina meet in a gridiron battle that will go a long way in determining SEC East supremacy. However, before the Bulldogs and Gamecocks ever step on the field, the Ole’ Ball Coach must be addressed.

In light of our recent   Completely Unofficial (but Accurate) SEC Drug Testing Rankingswe could not help but remember a joke that Steve Spurrier made during an interview with ESPN:  South Carolina Head Grouch Spurrier joked that, “I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them (UGA) that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”

That is an easy shot to take when your school, the University of South Carolina, does not suspend players for violating drug policies on the first (and barely on the second) violation of said “drug policy”…if one can call it that.

First drug test failure by a University of South Carolina football player:
A warning. (how many warnings did Stephen Garcia – more on this in a bit – get before one of his five suspensions?)

What kind of douche makes wisecracks about Georgia having a few players suspended when afore-mentioned douche heads a program with a joke of a rulebook when it comes to drug abuse on the football team? Meet Coach Steve Spurrier.

More…If a South Carolina player were facing discipline for a second violation of the Gamecock drug policy, said player would still only miss three games. By comparison, any player on the Georgia Bulldog roster who violates the University of Georgia football team’s drug policy a second time faces a half-season suspension.

Mr. Credibility, ie Coach Spurrier, would probably still have quarterback Stephen Garcia around if Conner Shaw had not risen to take the lead at QB.  Yes, I realize that Garcia was a senior in 2011, but if Spurrier could play him in 2012 and win…Spurrier would find a way (alcoholic-based redshirt for 2011 anyone?). This coach, Steve Spurrier, “suspended” Garcia five times and yet did Garcia (I’m not even gonna look it up) ever even miss a game?  On and on it goes.

Next Week:  The Worse of the Worst: The University of Florida is even more lenient toward drug use on their football team. We will examine the tawdry goings-ons in Gainesville and a most lenient (so understanding and forgiving) drug policy for University of Florida football players.

Favorite Steve Spurrier Moments – Spurrier Drags His Headset

(Note: I wrote this in the middle of the South Carolina-Vanderbilt 2011 football game, and we will know the results by the time this is actually published).  As usual, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is aggravated with his knucklehead quarterback Stephen Garcia (has there ever been a more delightful pairing of quarterback and head coach?).  I drag this clip into the light because Stephen Garcia has thrown eight passes in the South Carolina-Vanderbilt game and three of them are interceptions.  I admit a huge soft spot for the Ol’ Ball Coach.  Enjoy: