Georgia Will Win The SEC East in 2013


Will this be the year that Georgia wins it all?

The Third Time is the Charm
Georgia will win the SEC East for a third straight year.  The Bulldogs are led by fifth-year senior signal caller Aaron Murray, and the Dawgs look to have a bad bark on the offensive side of the ball. With five starters returning on the offensive line and three more lineman with college football experience, Georgia figures to have one of the best lines in the country.

Furthermore, we are entering year number two for the dominate rushing duo of Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall who together ran for 2,144 yards last season. It is safe to assume that Georgia will have no trouble putting points on the board.

 An Examination of the Competition (In Order of Projected Finish)
The final SEC East standings will look exactly the way they did in 2012. Florida will finish second because Will Muschamp will give his roster nightmares with his terrifying glare if the Gators lose too many games. An example of this (hilariously) horrifying look can be seen in the video below.  Along with the motivation of the Muschamp death stare, the Florida Gators have a very talented defense that will leave the opposition afraid to enter the swamp.

Nothing to Crow About
Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks will finish third, because the Ole’ Ball Coach will not have enough bullets for his fun n’ gun offense. Despite welcoming back the fearsome Jadeveon Clowney,  South Carolina will be without Ace Sanders and Marcus Lattimore, who are now both in the National Football League.

Vanderbilt is Improving
The Vanderbilt Commodores finished 2012 with nine wins, which is the Dore’s highest total since 1915.  The Commodores may very well open the season ranked in the preseason polls. Even so, Vanderbilt simply does not have the athletes to defeat the top teams in the Southeastern Conference. James Franklin is a good coach, not a miracle worker.

The Tigers Have Been Tamed
The Missouri Tigers attempted to make a splash in the Southeastern Conference. The Tigers were roaring when Sheldon Richardson called out Georgia for playing “old man football.” But, after a 2-6 finish in Southeastern Conference play, the Tigers have yet to make a ripple in the SEC pool. The Tigers figure to have another sub-par campaign this year, as the transition from the Big 12 has proved difficult. Missouri finishes fifth in the East, and the biggest question in the “Show Me State” this year may be whether or not Gary Pinkel keeps his job beyond the upcoming season.

Tennessee is Going to Hit an Iceberg
New Tennessee head coach Butch Jones is about to set sail on his maiden voyage as the captain of the Volunteer ship. But the boat has taken on water before it can even leave the dock. The leak that I am referring to is Tennessee’s schedule this year. The Vols play Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Oregon in a six week stretch that may be one of the most difficult schedules in recent memory.  The folks in Rocky Top have not had much to sing about on the gridiron lately, and that will not change in 2013. Tennessee will finish sixth in the SEC East.

Another Rebuilding Year in Kentucky
Finally we come to the bottom of the barrel in what is a very top heavy division. The Kentucky Wildcats have brought in Mark Stoops from Arizona, but the new head coach inherits a team that lost ten games in 2012. Mark Stoops is the brother of the Oklahoma Sooners head coach nicknamed “Big game Bob.” That pedigree will not save him from the Bluegrass blues.  Kentucky is a basketball school now and forever.

Hail to Georgia.

Defending Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football has had a Frantic Offseason

Since he became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, Johnny Manziel has been the talk of college football enthusiasts. The kid they call “Johnny Football” is still just that, a twenty year old kid. As a result of his lack of life experience, the Texas A&M quarterback has spent the offseason making questionable choices.  Most of those decisions have been made public by Manziel himself, as he has been using Twitter to tweet  his Heisman winning heart out.

Twitter Tipping Point
There seems to be a discernible moment when Johnny Manziel’s public approval rating shifted from positive to polarizing. The perception of Johnny Football’s character changed drastically after he tweeted “Bullshit like tonight is a reason why I can’t wait to leave college station…whenever it may be.”  In Johnny Football’s defense, those that are now using that tweet as ammunition to knock him down a peg have absolutely no idea what precipitated it.

johnny_football_haircut Johnny Manziel’s new found celebrity has certainly come with a lot of perks, one of which is not the target it put on his back.  After all, Manziel resides in an environment where his peers likely have too much to drink and then approach the Texas A&M star quarterback in search of their own fifteen minutes of fame.

Where the Hell Are the Other Aggies?
Sometimes people need to be reined in.  This principle holds true for almost every human being on earth, and it certainly holds true for a twenty year old kid that can do significant damage to his future with one bad decision.  Somebody in Texas Aggie land needs to protect Johnny Football from himself.   If Manziel has a sophomore slump, the 12th man will not be much of a factor at Kyle Field once the losses start piling up.

According to dallas news, Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlan thinks that the Aggies will be fine at the quarterback position.  Apparently, this tongue-in-cheek remark was met with a lot of laughter. Taking a lighthearted approach to Manziel mania is good, as long as both the 2012 Heisman winner and his coaches can do what needs to be done when business picks up on and off the football field.

I am Rooting for Johnny Manziel
As long as he is not playing against the Georgia Bulldogs, I wish Johnny Football all the best.  Most of my peers are chomping at the bit for September 14, when Alabama visits the Aggies.  However, I am hoping that Darth Saban and his Death Star are thwarted once again, while Johnny Manziel becomes the Luke Skywalker of college football by saving the college football world from the evil Crimson Tide empire.

Jadeveon Clowney: Aaron Murray is Scared


Clowney is one of the most explosive players in college football.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Gamecock?
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that South Carolina defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney, thinks Georgia starting quarterback Aaron Murray is scared of him. Clowney also included Clemson starting quarterback Tajh Boyd, as well as former Arkansas signal caller Tyler Wilson on the list of quarterbacks he claims share the same fear. Aaron Murray is a decorated fifth-year senior who has faced tough competition in the Southeastern Conference throughout his time in Athens.  It is hard to believe that a college athlete as accomplished as Aaron Murray would be afraid of any opponent.

Jadeveon Clowney has Earned the Respect of the Opposition
Jadeveon Clowney is roundly regarded as a top five pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, assuming he decides to turn pro, of course. Clownery has put together a highlight reel of hitting the opposition, and he possesses an extraordinary ability to shift the momentum of a game with one snap of the football. Minimizing this dangerous defensive ends’ effectiveness at getting to the quarterback will be crucial to Georgia’s success against the South Carolina Gamecocks this season.

Numbers Never Lie
Jadeveon Clowney has faced the Bulldogs twice in his South Carolina Gamecock career. He has sacked Aaron Murray three times in those two games, including twice in 2011. Clowney’s presence has wreaked havoc on the Dawgs, who have not been able to avoid critical errors against the Steve Spurrier led squad, leading to three straight signature losses against a bitter SEC rival.

Georgia is The Team to Beat in the SEC East
Despite one Gamecock crowing about Aaron Murray being scared, Georgia is looking to win the SEC East for the third straight season. Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution believes that the Bulldogs will accomplish that goal.

Closing With an Observation From the Head Rooster
The Ole’ Ball Coach seems to get his jollies from using his quick wit to insult the opposing team.  However, sometimes his verbal jabs may leave even his own players wondering about how strongly their head football coach believes in them.  After soundly defeating the Clemson Tigers by a final score of 34-13 in 2011, Steve Spurrier quipped, “We aren’t LSU, and we aren’t Alabama. But we sure ain’t Clemson.”

47 Days Left Until Georgia Versus Clemson

College Football is Less Than Seven Weeks Away
The countdown to one of the most highly anticipated college football campaigns in recent memory is on. The Georgia Bulldogs will travel to South Carolina to square off with the Clemson Tigers in an ACC versus SEC showdown on August 31.  Anticipation for the season opener has grown since the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins feels his Tigers will “beat the mess” out of Georgia.sammy_watkins_clemson
The Trash Talk Will be Settled on the Field

I am not going to offer a rebuttal to what Sammy Watkins said. On the contrary, I love it.  As a result of this bulletin board material, Bulldog Nation will be chomping at the bit to get a paw on Watkins and company come the final night in August. Sammy Watkins may want to avoid going over the middle, though, as Georgia may try to knock the mess out of him.

Georgia-Clemson is Most Expensive Ticket on Opening Weekend
According to Tiger Net, the clash between the Dawgs and the Tigers is currently the highest priced ticket of any game on the opening weekend of the 2013 college football season. While it is a non-conference game, it is still a pivotal match-up for two teams that both have championship aspirations.

Listening to Dabo Swinney Overreact is the Worst Part of Clemson Victories
My co-author Barrie constantly reminds me that I need to be emotionally prepared for the fact that Georgia could start the season 0-1.  I accept the fact that Clemson is capable of beating Georgia, but I loathe the idea of hearing the Tigers’ head coach Dabo Swinney crow after the fact. This is a man that cried after Clemson beat Auburn in 2011. What is he going to do if the Tigers defeat the Bulldogs? Week one of college football cannot get here soon enough.

Is his Name Really Dabo?

For those wondering, thank goodness coach Swinney’s name is not actually “Dabo.”  His birth name is William Christopher Swinney.  During the video below, the Clemson head  coach says the Tigers are a national championship team after they won the Chic-Fil-A Bowl.  Here’s hoping the Georgia Bulldogs give “Dabo” a reality check in Death Valley.

Fair Weather Fans and Georgia Football

Bulldog Nation Should Never Lose Faith in the Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia football makes fall Saturdays in Athens come alive with throngs of people wearing red and black while shouting “Go Dawgs” at the top of their lungs. The passion for college football in Dixie is undeniable, at least until Georgia loses a game or three. Disappointment when the Bulldogs come up short is only natural, but to give up on a season or the team is a cardinal sin I will never commit.


Somebody made this poor child watch our last two games against South Carolina.

College Football Season is Short and Sweet
One of the reasons I love college football so much is because every college football Saturday is crucial in shaping the season. I would rather have an arm lopped off than to miss a UGA football game. Conversely, if one were to miss the tenth Braves game of the year, who cares? You have over 140 more opportunities to enjoy America’s pastime.

The Atlanta Braves Spoiled Fans Who in the ’90s
At this point I must admit that I am a fair weather baseball fan. My only defense (and I do not claim it to be a good one) is that the Atlanta Braves’ streak of 14 consecutive division titles started in 1991 and lasted through my freshman year of college. Seeing Atlanta win the NL East so many times in my childhood spoiled me. However, following the horrible infield fly call that ended the Braves’ season in 2012 and adding both Justin and B.J. Upton to the roster, I am excited about the possibilities for 2013. Early fair weather forecast for the Braves: Sunny, with a 75% chance of a National League pennant this fall.

I’m a Georgia Bulldog Football Fan For Life
I could never jump on and off of the bandwagon as it relates to my beloved Georgia Bulldogs. When the Dawgs lost to Colorado in 2010 by a final score of 29-27 thereby extending their losing streak to four games I was disgusted. Still, I was in front of the television the very next Saturday irrationally yelling in support of Georgia football.

Just because I find fair weather Georgia football fandom appalling does not make me a better fan than anyone else who roots on the Bulldogs. My devotion means it will be much more significant for me when the Bulldogs finally do break through and win a national championship (preferably several) in my lifetime. Georgia winning a national championship has been discussed frequently on this blog because it is something that we have always wanted to see and I will be a devoted Dawg fan for as long as I live.

Georgia Bulldogs Spring Football Thoughts


Defensive end Ray Drew will look to make an impact this fall.

The Young Georgia Defense Must Realize Their Potential
Spring is in the air in the form of football practice for the Georgia Bulldogs. Among the most intriguing developments between the hedges in the coming months will be whether or not defensive end Ray Drew,  from the draft class once dubbed the “Dream Team”, can maximize his potential on the field for the Dawgs.

Todd Grantham has Something to Prove
Todd Grantham’s offseason of discontent is over and he can now focus on his commitment to Georgia.  Grantham should be motivated by the fact that his defense never truly reached their potential last season. Coach Grantham will be dealing with a lot of new faces on defense in Athens this year. Here’s hoping the Georgia defensive coordinator is committed to making 2013 his best year between the hedges.  That being said, Todd Grantham likely has other job aspirations and will not be an assistant in Athens much longer.

Avoiding off of the Field Issues
As with every Georgia football offseason, it would be nice not to read about any Bulldogs in the police blotter. Unfortunately, Dawg alum Alec Ogletree was pulled over by police and charged with a DUI last month in Arizona. Ogletree was the first member of the 2012 Georgia Bulldog roster to declare for the 2013 NFL Draft. Alec Ogletree leaving early is just as well for Bulldog Nation because he would have missed at least the first half of this coming season according to Georgia’s own drug policy.

Georgia’s Quest for a National Championship Continues
The Georgia Bulldogs have signed Mark Richt to an extension, adding a year (and a $400,000 raise) on to his current deal which means that he will be the head Dawg until at least 2017. Coach Richt has brought the Georgia program to the heights many were hoping for when he was hired in 2001, but it remains to be seen whether Mark Richt can lead the Dawgs to a national title. The quest for a championship begins with preparation in the offseason by working hard when not as many people are watching.

Mike Bobo Deserves His New Contract With Georgia


Mike Bobo coordinates one of the most prolific offenses in all of college football.

Mike Bobo has Earned His Pay Increase
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the Georgia Bulldogs have signed offensive coordinator Mike Bobo to a new three year contract. From the moment he was named offensive coordinator by Georgia head coach Mark Richt, Mike Bobo has gone from the frying pan to the fire and back again between the hedges. Make no mistake, the Bulldog alum deserves his extension with pay increase, and Georgia’s offensive numbers in the past few seasons prove it.

The 2012 SEC Championship Game was Huge for Coach Bobo
I have lost count of how many Mike Bobo detractors have said that Georgia’s offensive outburst the past few seasons is due to a favorable schedule. The debacle against South Carolina notwithstanding, Mike Bobo earned his contract extension when his offense stood paw to hoof with the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Bulldogs put up 394 total yards against an Alabama team that gave up just 250 yards per game on average. Current ESPN analyst Jon Gruden has also expressed his support for coach Bobo. Gruden has a Super Bowl ring, in case you are not aware of his credentials.

Mike Bobo’s $240,000 Pay Increase Will Come With Increased Scrutiny
The fact remains that college football is the ultimate what have you done for me lately sport, and the moment that Georgia does not put up big enough numbers to best the competition, Bobo will be blamed again. Such is life in the Southeastern Conference.  Bulldog Nation should consider the possibility that Mike Bobo could one day call himself head coach between the hedges. If his career continues to trend upward, he has a case for being Mark Richt’s successor in Athens. I should try ending blogs with thought provoking statements more often.

Aaron Murray Should Stay at UGA for his Senior Season

Aaron Murray Played One Hell of a Capital One Bowl
Following a record-setting five touchdown passes and 427 passing yards in the 2013 Capital One Bowl during Georgia’s 41-28 victory over Nebraska, only one question remains on the mind of Bulldog Nation. Should Aaron Murray stay in Athens for his senior season, or should he leave UGA for the National Football League in the wake of his suddenly rising draft stock?

Aaron Murray Has Unfinished Business at the University of Georgia
There is no doubt that Aaron Murray possesses all the tools necessary to be a star in the NFL. Regardless of where and when Aaron Murray decides to play professional football he will have every opportunity to succeed. With that said, Aaron Murray should return to the University of Georgia for his senior season to try to lead the Bulldogs to a championship.


Aaron Murray has more barking to do in Athens.

ESPN NFL Draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. feels that Aaron Murray should come back to Georgia for his final season because he is not assured of being a first round pick. SB Nation Atlanta reported that Kiper observed, “I think unless you’re a guaranteed first round pick it’s wise to go back. Especially when you play at Georgia with all the talent around the quarterback there.” Kiper went on to compliment the receivers and running backs that Murray has at his disposal in Athens.

Aaron Murray Can Set the Georgia Record for Passing Yards Next Year
Aaron Murray currently has 10,091 yards passing in his career at UGA. If he never throws another pass in Athens, that number leaves him at third all-time behind Eric Zeier (11,153) and David Greene. (11,528) If  Murray plays for the entirety of his senior season, he will certainly leave Georgia as the all-time leader in passing yards. Nobody remembers third place. Aaron Murray already owns the all-time record of touchdown passes in his career at Georgia with 95. If Aaron Murray comes back to Georgia and caps off his career with a championship, he will have his own wing in the Georgia football hall of fame. Along with Herschel, of course.

Aaron Murray: Leaving the Legacy of an Undisputed Champion
It is Aaron Murray himself that provided the most important reason the quarterback should wait for the NFL when he admitted that he had been unable to sleep following the Alabama game. Aaron Murray must come back to Georgia for a shot at redemption. Winning the national championship in his senior season would be a storybook ending to a fantastic career.

Aaron Murray majored in psychology at the University of Georgia, so it is safe to assume that he knows how valuable his presence is as the quarterback at UGA. Regardless of who declares for the 2013 NFL Draft, Aaron Murray is the most valuable piece of Georgia’s championship puzzle. Losing his experience and leadership would make the puzzle very difficult to compete in 2013.

The National Football League Can Wait for Aaron Murray
The NFL Draft happens every year. Aaron Murray should not be too hasty to jump on the National Football League train this year because he will have the opportunity to turn pro for the rest of his adult life. If he should choose to forgo his senior season at Georgia, he will never have another chance to put on the silver britches as a player.

With all of the accolades Murray has earned in his three years at Georgia, he has the opportunity to return to the hedges as a Heisman Trophy front runner fully capable of leading his Dawgs to glory. On the other hand, if he goes to the NFL he will simply be one teams’ answer among a questionable crop of quarterbacks.


Coach Richt knows Aaron Murray’s best is yet to come.