Memorable Moments of the Mark Richt Era (Part One)

College football kickoff week is my favorite time of the year as a college football fan. The college football world is filled with optimism because every team has the same record. Each passionate fan base believes that with each new year their team has a chance to shine. An offseason that was filled with scandal is finally over, and in just a few nights, we can all enjoy a brand new chapter in the sport we cherish.

I am looking forward to another wonderful college football season. There is nothing like getting back to football. Especially since the Bulldogs are playing the biggest opening game in Mark Richt’s tenure as head football coach. Win or lose, the Chic Fil- A- Kickoff game is going to be a focal point of the 2011 college football season for the Bulldogs, as well as the Broncos.

In anticipation of the opening game of the 2011 season I have decided to take a look back at my favorite memories from the Mark Richt era of Georgia Bulldog football in a multi part series. Continue reading

Just (Don’t) Do It

Nike is known the world over for their “JUST DO IT” slogan, as well as their famous Nike Swoosh logo and  their thought provoking commercials. (See the Tiger and Earl Woods commercial here and the Lebron James commercial here) However, over the past few years Nike has also  entered the world of fashion design during college football games. The results, in my opinion, have been much less successful.

I had always been able to sit back and chuckle at the “Nike Pro Combat” design that other teams displayed so proudly on prime time television. I can not think of a single uniform that did not look ridiculous. For example, take a look at the uniforms that Virginia Tech wore against Boise State in the season opener for each team last year.

I think my eyes cross when I try to read the jersey number. Until now, I had always been relieved that Nike hadn’t designed a pro combat style uniform for my Dawgs. Fast forward to 2011, and Nike has designed the uniforms that my beloved Georgia Bulldogs will wear in the kickoff to their 2011 football season, against the aforementioned Boise State. Continue reading

What will be the measure of UGA’s 2011 football season?

Mark Richt leaps into the what standard will 2011 be judged?

As we move closer to the start of the UGA football season against Boise St., I suspect many of us are pondering how many wins Georgia will tally by the end of the 2011 football campaign.  Many Bulldog fans are prognosticating various win/loss records, carefully evaluating each opponent.  This year, as much as any I can remember, perhaps should be judged by a different metric than wins and losses.  There is simply no way that a simple accounting of games won or loss can represent the full measure of whether there is true accomplishment and growth in the University of Georgia football team.

I despise the ‘wait until next year’ philosophy (and boy oh boy, is there ever a fan base more likely to repeat ‘wait until next year’ than South Carolina fans?  What a bunch of relentless optimists).  The facts are this: UGA has a ridiculously talented young football team, with the emphasis here on ‘young’.  Skill-positions are represented by freshmen and sophomores and Georgia’s toughest two games of the year figure to be their first two. Continue reading

Doggone…Who will step into the incomparable A.J. Green’s shoes?

who will fill university of georgia's a.j. green's shoes

Who will fill these shoes in 2011?

Coming this weekend…the beginning of a series on Georgia’s wide receiver corps…who will step up to replace A.J. Green? With the esteemed Mr. Green headed off to his new winter home with the Cincinnati Bengals (and fall in Cincinnati is most definitely winter for these Georgia Bulldog bones), a talented batch of UGA receivers are ready to show the nation that there is still much to be excited about between the hedges in Athens.  We’ll take a look at the men hoping to race down the sideline to glory this year…and as the season progresses we’ll monitor this bunch’s ability to shine in the spotlight that is Georgia football.

Bitches Brew: Scooters Run Amok At The University of Georgia

university of georgia football scooter accidents

University of Georgia scooters need properly trained owners...

We have had a rash of high profile injuries to UGA football and baseball players, and the area around Stegman Coliseum is crowded with athletes’ scooters on any given day. High-profile UGA football player Ray Drew is the latest UGA scooter injury. What gives?

According to estimates given over at Fannation, “going by (a) rough estimate, well more than half of the team’s 125 players (scholarship and walk-ons) are scooter users.

Put bluntly, scooters driven by poorly-trained college University of Georgia students (and student-athletes) in Athens are endangering their lives.  I am amazed that injuries from scooter accidents have not been more prevalent.  I am even more amazed that athletes at the University of Georgia are allowed to use scooters at all. Continue reading

Bad Dawgs

As soon as the final whistle blew on the 2010-2011 season I started counting down the days until the Georgia Bulldog football season opener against Boise State. However, instead of the usual excitement that I love seeing each year around Athens, I continue to notice a different vibe. As a fellow Georgia Bulldog “fan” put it, “They ain’t got no team this year.” When I asked him to elaborate, he declared, “They gon’ win 3 games.”

Georgia Bulldog FootballFair weather fans are like cockroaches who scatter when you turn on the lights. When the program and the coach really need their support, they say that the team sucks and the coach needs to be fired. Georgia head coach Mark Richt has earned one more season to turn things around. He has the fourth best record of any active coach in college football.

Following the first losing season in the Mark Richt era of Georgia Football, the Dogs need their loyal fan base more than ever. If the “Dream Team” led by Isaiah Crowell is going to lead Georgia back to prominence, then opposing teams need to genuinely be weary of being Between The Hedges on a Saturday afternoon.

Continue reading