Alabama-LSU – The Rematch for the BCS National Championship (January 9, 2011)

BCS trophy

The Southeastern Conference continues to dominate college football.

The BCS reaches its epic conclusion on Monday night, as the LSU Tigers take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2012 All State BCS National Championship Game. The regular season match-up was a great movie with a forgettable ending. Now that the much hyped sequel has arrived, it will be up to these two juggernauts to deliver in the Bowl Championship Series’ grand finale.

National Appeal?
There is an interesting subplot developing for tonight’s all SEC West Championship showdown. Television ratings. reports that TV ratings for this year’s BCS games are noticeably down. If Monday night’s game continues that trend, it may put an end to any possibility of a no other conference allowed title game. Alabama and LSU are clearly the two best teams in college football this season, but there is no denying the polarizing nature of this contest around other parts of the country.

May the best team win
Regardless of how many people watch, the game should be fantastic. Nick Saban has had two months to stew over his defense having trouble with the option. On the other side, it would be quite a feather in the purple and gold cap of Les Miles to get two wins over tricky Nicky in one college football season. The focus of the night will be on the special teams for each squad, as well as the total amount of points scored during the game.

The argument that these two offenses are mediocre is flat out wrong and is a product of lazy analysis. During the first week of the season, the LSU Tigers put 40 on the eventual Rose Bowl Champion Oregon Ducks. Three weeks later these same Louisiana State Tigers roared into Morgantown, West Virginia and mauled the Mountaineers by a final score of 47-21. If LSU does complete a perfect season tonight, they will go down as one of the best teams in college football history.

Since their November 5th loss in Tuscaloosa to LSU, the Tide has been steam rolling everything in their path. Akabama cemented their spot as the best one loss team in the country as the domino effect around college football left them as the only viable challenger standing.  Neither Alabama or Oklahoma State lost a game in regulation this season, but the Cowboys were picked to win by 26 before the Cyclones sent the BCS into a tale-spin. On the other hand, Alabama’s only defeat came in overtime to LSU when the Tide kicker missed three field goals in the game.

The SEC Reigns Supreme
The analysis of these two Southeastern Conference behemoths has not changed since their first meeting. The winner-take-all rematch will come down to adjustments, and one of the tremendous athletes on the field making a play when the time comes. Regardless of which team is victorious, the SEC has already locked up a sixth straight national championship in football.

Predicting a winner
LSU is the most versatile team in college football. However, Alabama will be ready for the mobility of Jordan Jefferson the second time around. Even so, the Superdome will be filled with a partisan and noisy Louisiana State University Crowd who is use to getting their way. (just ask the Atlanta Falcons) This game will feature heavy hitting defense with just enough offense to keep casual viewers happy. LSU wins again, leaving the Tide to lament their kicking game for an entire offseason.  24-21 the final. Enjoy the game.

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