Aaron Murray – NFL Prospect?

Aaron Murray has been a good Dawg.

Aaron Murray is in the middle of his third season as the starting quarterback for the University of Georgia football team. After beginning the 2012 campaign as a dark horse Heisman candidate, Murray has had a good first half for the Bulldogs. While his career numbers at Georgia are tremendous, (7685 yards, 71 touchdowns) there are more questions than answers about how well the junior QB translates to the NFL.

Aaron Murray is Short. (Relative to NFL Standards)
According to NFL Draft Scout Aaron Murray is currently rated as the third best quarterback in his class, behind Tyler Bray, who is 6’5″ tall and Logan Thomas who stands at 6’6″. Unless Aaron Murray has a master plan to grow four inches in approximately the next 16 months, his lack of height is going to be an issue. The current Georgia QB is listed at 6’1″ tall and weighs approximately 210 pounds,  Despite his stature, Murray is a good athlete who works hard to get better on the football field. Because of this, NFL Draft Scout reasons that in order to make up for his lack of size, Murray must move around in the pocket at the next level to see the whole field.

Aaron Murray Must Learn to Throw the Football Away
The Georgia signal caller has struggled with turning the football over in critical situations throughout his career in Athens. Most of these miscues have come as a result of him trying to force a play when nothing is there. Murray must be willing to give up on certain plays and move on to the next down. In the same vein, Murray must learn to take care of his body and avoid unnecessary hits.

Aaron Murray Should Return to Georgia as a Senior
Aaron Murray is a skilled quarterback who will get a chance to be successful in the NFL. As for how many hurdles he has to overcome first, some of that is up to Murray. It would be a mistake for him to turn pro after this season. Murray needs to come back for his senior year at Georgia to test his ability against  Alabama, LSU, and South Carolina (among others) one more time.

Aaron Murray has the arm to make it in the NFL.

Aaron Murray Can Prove the Doubters Wrong
ESPN draft analyst  Mel Kiper was asked in an ESPN SportsNation chat who he thought had a better opportunity as a pro prospect between Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson, and UGA quarterback Aaron Murray. His answer? “Wilson, by a lot.” The fact is that everyone who pays attention to the sport of football has an opinion on who will be great and who will be a bust. There is no scout in the history of football that has been right 100% of the time. Just ask former first overall picks like Jamarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, and David Carr about how good draft experts are.

So, I’ll Chime in with my expertise. Can Aaron Murray make it in the NFL?
Yes he can.  Aaron Murray will need time to develop his game and adjust to the high level of play in pro football. He needs to be drafted by a team that can help him grow as a passer, as opposed to being picked up by a team hoping for a quick fix.  Projection: fifth round pick if he leaves after this season. If he waits until after his senior year, he will likely be a third round draft choice.

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