4th Quarter at UGA Game – Krypton (We need a new tradition)

I don’t remember this one from the old days (um, like 10 years ago…but perhaps I am mistaken).  Anyway, when comparing this to, oh, let’s say the awesomeness of Wisconsin’s crazy “Jump Around” celebration between the third and fourth quarters, I find it all a little cultish and creepy.

Look…I love the traditions as much as the next guy…but gotta say, everyone is looking a little glassy eyed (and not from too much drinking…although there has clearly been too much drinking by the fourth quarter) and hypnotized and zombied.  The first time I was witness to the fourth quarter transition, I was like “what the hell is going on here?”.  To this day I refuse to do the whole hand waving to start the fourth quarter, but last week I looked over, and my wife…oh the horror…she was waving right along all trance-like.


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2 thoughts on “4th Quarter at UGA Game – Krypton (We need a new tradition)

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